DesignPointe Graphics in conjunction with Digital Illustrators use text and graphics like artisans did in the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a gallery of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book

Business and Product Promotion

Web, Email Campaigns, Direct Mail, Publications of all kinds…
After listening to YOU…We begin with the end in mind.
Info-Graphics, Social Media, Digital or Offset Print for Product Catlagos, Brochures, Customer spec sheets, PowerPoint presentations.

Simple Diagrams

Often, simple is better.
A Diagram or Flowchart that supports the Author’s message is our goal at DesignPointe Med & Bio Graphics.
We create One color, Two color and full color diagrams with gradients, blends and bold spot color per the Author’s preference.

Visual Identity

Whether Your need is for a Logo Design or a complete visual identity to represent all or one division of Your company. DesignPointe Med & Bio Graphics is here to unify your message with a complete layout and design that satisfies both practical and digital demands

Layout & Design

All projects benefit from a thoughtful Layout and Design…the most basic any project should have. It is the foundation of everything we do.
Our intention is to use our knowledge and experience to produce illustrations, Graphics and Media products that communicate with Your customer’s and prospects.